Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's 2010


For one thing, I'll pay more attention to my blog in 2011. This doesn't mean every day (I do have a life!) but WritePersona has been like an empty house. Few things are as demoralizing as an unoccupied house, especially one that has been lived in for years. It's like somebody died.

Everybody takes stock at the beginning of a new year, well, most everybody. I've been especially thoughtful the last month, for Mary Williams across the street died in December. Yesterday I printed the photo from her obituary and have it in my office. Not many people of 92 have the confidence she had, and even less her voice, which came from a way of life that's disappearing. The South has many regrets about its past, but that doesn't mean we go around apologizing all the time. Mary could apologize, but it wasn't her attitude. Her sultry Southern brogue warmed her talk so much you'd mistake criticism for compliments.

Another resolution is to pay more attention to my appearance, as long as it doesn't take much time. What I want to avoid are those times when I am driving down the road and realize I haven't looked in a mirror all morning. Sometimes I scare myself.

I just turned off the TV but before I did, a well groomed man wearing makeup asked me if I like the way my hair looks. OK. So there are entire programs about how your hair should look. That was reason enough to turn off the TV, but I usually give several channels a chance to string me along. When I click on four channels and they're all playing ads, the TV goes off.

I believe a good life is one that avoids extremes. I'd like to resolve to be moderate in all things, but my computer won't let me. Those people who think I need a life don't know what goes on between me and my computer. I'm not suggesting we have a sexual relationship (that would really scare me!) but it gives me many lives to live.

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