Wednesday, December 28, 2011

iPad Recipes


 My daughter-in-law, in cooking for Thanksgiving, followed a recipe on her iPad perched on the kitchen counter. It was a terrific dinner, even the veggies.

If we had been at my house, likely as not, I would have been following a recipe in one of three Christmas cookbooks that I’ve treasured for years. The photos are still festive in spite of the loose pages, cranberry stains, and scribbled notes. Many times I’ve thumbed through the pages searching for ideas for special meals, not just recipes, but menu choices. Many times I’ve considered challenges, such as standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, or Japanese fruitcake. The possibilities put me into the holiday spirit.

Back to the iPad. It’s convenient and resourceful, but does that make it better than cookbooks? Do I want to find the ultimate recipe in record time? Or do I want to touch pages that are stained with gravy but graced with reminders of past holidays? 

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