Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions 2013


I have several:
         1) Write a sequel to the trilogy I’ve already written. I have notes for this novel, but it will be a challenge. Unlike my previous three books, this one will be in the omniscient point of view, at least that’s the way I’ll start it. I don’t have a strong narrative voice, so I’ll have to see how it goes.
         2) Walk around the block every day. It’s hard for me to pull myself away from the computer when chugging along on my work, but I’m tired of my husband’s nagging me to get exercise.
         3) Cook more crock-pot suppers. I’m not a morning person, so it makes sense to do menial stuff in the AM, such as throw together something to eat.
         4) Buy some new clothes. Do clothes ever wear out? My closet is full of perfectly good outfits that have been perfectly good for ten years. And I’m tired of them. Salvation Army, here I come. It will take some time to replace what I have, for it’s not easy to find clothes made of cotton or cotton/polyester. Nothing rayon or acrylic for me. Though these fabrics are obviously very popular, they are also cold when it’s cold and hot when it’s hot.
         5) Remodel the garden room in our house to make it more utilitarian. One of my pet peeves is a room that you look at rather than use. I’ve been in many houses with living rooms where hardly anybody ever sits down. That’s sort of the case with our garden room, which has many windows. The problem here is that my husband values appearance over practicality. The challenge is my husband, not the room.
         6) Spend more time on my friends. I’m not fond of the phone, but sometimes that’s the only way to keep in touch. Unlike my parents, I live close to strangers and at a distance from my friends (not to mention family).

Though they’re not resolutions, there are other expectations for 2013:
         1) Publish novel number three. I finished it last week and sent the manuscript to Stanard Design Partners in Cincinnati to design the cover and lay-out. I hope it will be available on by the end of January.
         2) Baby-sit my three month-old grandson Ivan for a couple of weeks in January.
         3) Attend a wedding in Sweden of a friend’s daughter in August.
         4) Attend the SCWW Writers Conference in Myrtle Beach in October.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve I was shopping the internet. How socially backward can I get? To my credit, I did go out for dinner with my husband to Colas in Columbia (South Carolina). It was our first trip there, and though the restaurant was noisy, otherwise it was a pleasant surprise.

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