Thursday, July 11, 2013

Belle Reve Literary Journal

Poem To Appear in Belle Reve Literary Journal

I just had an email from Editor Vanessa Eccles of Belle Reve Literary Journal, which has accepted my poem "Akin to a Rooster's Crow" for publication on their website. The probable date of publication is Tuesday, July 16. I hope you'll take a look at the journal at 

Belle Reve's current poems are diverse in form and substance, from well ordered couplets to prose poems. The subjects run close to the earth, one about the Big Muddy (Mississippi River), another about the seasons of fall and winter, one about Mother Earth. The tone ranges from serious to fanciful. I especially like Wendy Carlyle's "little prayer" which begins, "Lord of the belly laugh/let me come to a silly old age."

"Akin to a Rooster's Crow" is a personal poem in which I revisit the early years of my life. For me, it has taken a lifetime to come to views about my childhood. Perhaps that's because as time has passed different experiences have changed my perspective. 

In recent years I've come to think that a relative who lived with us and doted on me from the time I was born until I was three years old, when he died, had a profound impact on me, one that gave me an advantage over my siblings. When I put flowers on my uncle's grave--we called him uncle, but actually he was barely a relative at all--I have a sense of indebtedness to him that I can never repay. 

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Vanessa Eccles said...

Hi, Bonnie. I just stumbled upon your post, and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed reading about your favorite works on Belle Reve and especially loved reading the story behind the poem. I'm excited to have your work a part of our journal.