Sunday, October 6, 2013


With the help of Doug Stanard (partner and spouse), I’ve developed a website, now available. It describes the three antebellum books about Westfall Plantation I’ve written and published. Click on it at:

You’ll also find on the website a trailer for Kedzie, Saint Helena Island Slave and can view it by clicking on the link. Tibby Plants developed the trailer, which gives you a sense of life in the 19th Century South. We’re working on a Master of Westfall Plantation trailer and hope to have a link for it soon.

The Kedzie trailer is also on Youtube, but it’s hard to find. Even if you type in my name or the name of the book, Youtube’s search directory comes up with other addresses. In like manner, it’s not easy to find my web site, even with the help of Google’s directory. 

of Columbia, South Carolina

I had a wonderful evening at Marzi Knight’s book club recently discussing Kedzie, Saint Helena Island Slave. The group gave me valuable feedback, and I had the pleasure of telling them what it was like to write the book. Nothing is so inspiring as interested readers, and the room was full of them. My many thanks to Marzi for inviting me.

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