Sunday, March 1, 2015

Book'Em Wrap-up

It Was All About Books 

Yesterday Robesen County Community College hosted a book fair which gave writers a chance to promote their books while at the same time raising funds for literacy organizations. I especially appreciated that I didn’t have to man my own cash box (customers picked up books they wanted to buy and paid at the exit). We writers weren’t required to be constantly at our displays, and in fact, there were numerous presentations throughout the day geared to us.

I attended two such events and, had I not been tied up at my table, would have attended more. 

Successful indie-author Terri Reid (below at the Friday night social) was a featured speaker and told how she launched her books onto the best-seller list. She said that once you get past the best seller gate, you have to produce new novels every six months or so, or you sink to the bottom of the publishing ocean. I caught my breath at that ... it took me a good fifteen years to produce my first book. In my eagerness to get to her presentation on time (but I didn’t) I forgot to take a notepad and regretted it.
 I'm trying to get in a word with Terry Irving (rt.). Terri Reid (center) looks on. 

I attended the panel discussion, “Promotion: The Other Side of Writing,” which had well-informed authors, including Karen MacMurray, who gave us good ideas about internet sources. These writers managed to talk about their personal experiences in a way that applied to many of us in the audience. There’s a fine line between what’s too personal (and uninteresting to the rest of us) and too general (what we already know). This group kept a good balance. 

Moderator Steven Byrd kept the historical fiction panel discussion on topic.
I (above with Carole Bellacera and Lynda Durrant) had a chance to participate.

Friday night we were treated to a Meet and Greet at the Village Station Restaurant, courtesy of owner Arnold West. There were writers from states other than NC, but I think I was the only one from SC. Until I walked in the door, I hadn’t met a person in the room. Name tags would have helped.

Producer Chuck Williams (ctr.) is filming a movie in the Lumberton area.

Patricia Terrell went above and beyond the call of duty in organizing this event and in communicating with us writers. It was gratifying to see the many volunteers who made sure we had what we needed. A big thank-you to Patricia and the volunteers.

Thanks to author Patricia Terrell (left), who organized Book'Em NC.

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