Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cover Design


Thank you to the number of people who responded to the four proposals for the cover for my upcoming novel "Dust on the Bible." With help from Stanard Design Partners, I've chosen the design with a photo of a girl standing in light streaming from a window.

Because some of you mentioned that you prefer a color cover to black and white, we've added color to the background and the text.

Since this novel is about a young girl growing up and trying to understand her father's absence and her mother's volatile moods, it seems appropriate to have an image representing her on the cover. 

I'm in the process of proofing the lay-out, which is to say, we're coming down the home stretch. I'm already eager to have a copy in my hands. Should be no more than a couple of weeks.  

This Sunday (September 13) my comments will appear on the Columbia II Writers Workshop blog. Amazon is a tsunami that's changing the landscape for writers. It is marketing via Kindle a subscription service to readers similar to what Netflix offers movie buffs and Spotify offers listeners of music. These services are great opportunities for consumers. Never before have books been so cheap and available (ditto for movies and music). But what does it mean to writers and artists? I chew on this in my blog.


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