Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What Missing Means

COVER for Latest Novel

It was a thrill to open my email attachment from Davis Stanard of Stanard Design Partners. It contained two proposals for the cover of my next novel, due out this summer.
The swamp evokes mystery, isolation, longing, being lost, all of which relate to the novel's plot.

The mailbox suggests longing as well as rural America in the 20th Century. One of the themes is that of mail that doesn't arrive causing tension about the son who is a soldier in Germany.

The young girl Lily Chavis, from Dust on the Bible, returns as protagonist to recount family events of the summer of 1945. She lives with an extended family including numerous characters, all of whom have their own unruly hopes and dreams.

Choosing the cover will be a difficult decision. If you have a preference, send me a comment.

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