Saturday, November 12, 2016

xmas show


Went to the Christmas Arts & Crafts show at the Columbia Fairgrounds today with my sister and her husband. There were times when I could hardly move in the crowded aisles. Lots to see—wood craft, jewelry, pottery, specialty foods (honey, peanuts, soup mix), clothes, baskets, garden art (I guess you’d call it art...). Though there were lots of people, I didn’t see lots of sales. It's a labor of love for most of the vendors. And when I like something that seems special, I try to reward the vendor with a purchase.

Some of the sights.

Now we have cinnamon as well as gingerbread houses.
So if you make pottery, where do you sell it if not at a craft show?
When's the last time you bought a wood carved toy?
I would have bought one of these pins if I didn't already have more than I wear.
This was a first for me -- Lights in decorated bottles.

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