Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 beginnings


At the end of every year I try to be more invested in saying “hello” to a new year rather than “goodbye” to the old one. But it’s hard. On December 31, as I was walking with my granddaughters to Glissold park, I said, “This is the last day you’ll know of the year 2016.” Few things are permanent (e.g., death and taxes) but the end of a year as we count it, is the END.

To avoid gloomy thoughts about time passing, I conjure up New Years’ Resolutions. I’m not good at keeping them, but that doesn’t deter me. So here goes.

2017 Resolutions

1. Get off the dessert diet I got on during the holidays.

2. Buy fewer frozen dinners (resist the mouthwatering packaging). Let somebody else buy them and be disappointed.

3. Visit historic sites in SC, in particular Hampton Plantation (home of Archibald Rutledge); Boykin Mill near Camden; Fort Hill (John C. Calhoun’s home); and Brattonsville (a return visit, I love the heirloom animals, esp. the hogs).

4. Get rid of books I’ve had for years and think I’m going to read but haven’t.

5. Read works by John Donne and John Henry Newman (I’ve been inspired by Helene Hanff’s book 84 Charing Cross Road.).

6. Get back to writing. Finish a long short-story about a traveling theater troupe in 1670s France. Publish another children’s book about a witch (Cat’s Fur is finished except for the design and lay-out).

7. Shop Amazon as a last resort. I spent too much time in December trying to figure out my Amazon charges. I paid them even though I couldn’t account for several of them. Amazon’s “help” (when you finally find it) isn’t much help.

It’s snowing outside my window. The green magnolia leaves are growing white. What a beautiful morning.

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