Friday, May 12, 2017


I’ve just run into Amazon’s heavy hand:
"Your review could not be posted.
Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:

This is not the first time Amazon has refused to publish a review of an item I bought online. I can’t figure out what is offensive, especially given Amazon’s criteria. (see review below). I scanned the other reviews, and there's not one that mentions that the item is not refundable.

This is a reminder that Amazon puts its interests before that of the individual customer. I’ve said individual customer with purpose. Amazon is adept at figuring out how to please the generic customer. Outliers are another story.

I’m gratified that the European Union has tried to rein in Amazon’s aggression. Recently it put an end to Amazon’s insistence that e-book publishers give no other company better terms. And the EU is investigating Amazon’s 2003 tax deal with Luxembourg which unfairly allows it to pay lower taxes.

My Review as submitted to Amazon:
Buyers should be aware that this dress is shipped from an address in China and is not returnable. I am 5'5", weigh 130 lbs. and size 6 was too large. I requested a return with refund, but obviously I wasn't going to pay shipping costs to China. The vendor was responsive, but I had to settle for a percentage refund and a dress I gave to the Salvation Army.

Previously I also ordered a swimsuit not knowing that the vendor was shipping the item from China. It only seems fair that the product description contain a notation to alert customers when an item is not returnable.

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