Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Author's Night, Cola

Author Chuck Walsh talks about his novels.


In talking about his five novels last night, Chuck Walsh mentioned that his inspiration came from his family and friends. In fact, some of his characters are modeled after personal acquaintances, which can get a writer into trouble if not controversy, e.g., Thomas Wolfe, who caused a stir in Asheville by writing thinly disguised autobiography. Walsh gave us a writer’s perspective on what it takes to produce a novel. 
Me with sci-fi author, Dan Mooney aka Rex Hurst
In addition to Walsh, four writers were available to sell and sign their works: Reagan Teller (mysteries), Marv Ward (poetry), Pat McNeely (SC history), and George Long (children’s book).
Reagan Teller makes a sale
The venue at Jubilee Circle on Millwood Avenue is conducive to a cordial get-together. Last night, a combo (didn’t get the name of the musicians) performed. Nibbles added more fun.

Though Columbia doesn’t have an independent bookstore, it has an active writing community. There are few avenues here for local talent to promote their work. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to attend another Author’s Night.

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