Tuesday, October 1, 2019

harvest festivals


Two back-to-back weekends of harvest festivals. Last weekend was the Inman Harvest Festival. I met readers and book buyers. Over a hundred vendors selling novelties, such as cameras turned into lamps, perfumed oils, watch art, and elderberry syrup. There were even orange, paw-print door wreaths for Clemson fans (I had to wonder who would buy them). The bandstand drew crowds all day as various entertainers performed.

It's gratifying to meet young readers.
Several aspiring writers stopped by, and we chatted about life as a writer. I was especially pleased to talk to a couple of high school students. Also teachers were interested in me and my work. Old and young visitors to my booth...gave Doug a chance to tell his jokes.

Aynor's Harvest Festival, held September 21, was another story. Plenty of vendors and traffic, very few readers. The parade of people quickly walked by. Hardly anybody stopped to look at my books or talk with me. 
Yes, I write, yes, I have books...
I should have taken a hint in the morning when a woman’s dog pooped in front of my booth. She picked most of it up (somebody gave her a plastic bag) after I growled at her. 
Sidewalk scene, Inman
Photos thanks to Douglas Stanard.

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