Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Woman's Place


Men can see themselves as either gods (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed) or as messengers for God (prophets, priests). Historically men have been able to hear the voice of God either directly or through prophets.

Does it seem strange that though God gave us women ears, eyes, and intelligence, He has seldom if ever communicated with us? No words of wisdom, no visions, no prophecies. To have a religion, we must believe what men tell us of our god. We are to believe that God blesses us and forgives us, as long as we accept whatever is sent to us through His messengers, i.e., men.

Christianity, being the most common religion in America, gives us a double whammy. God is not only a father, but a son. We females might squeeze out a presence in the third Trinity, but most churches don’t get into the sex of the Holy Spirit. That this three-in-one God is a good two-thirds male puts us women in the back pews of the church where we're expected to perform menial work.

Why don’t women insist on more of a presence in church doctrine? One reason of course is that a male-dominated history recorded the documents we use to teach not just the Christian faith but Judaism and Islam. We’ve had centuries of cultural training in subservience. Individually, we’re taught from the time we can talk that God is man/father/son.

We’re essentially spectators in our religions. We sit on the sidelines and cheer the team as if we have something at stake in the game. It’s like football or baseball or soccer. We attend the games, cheer, and support “our” team as if we’re allowed to play.

The poem I've written (below) relates to some of my feelings about organized religion.

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