Sunday, November 24, 2013

Savannah Authors


My short story “Maggie and the Snake” was awarded Third Place in the Savannah Authors Anthology 2013 Writing Contest. The sponsoring writers held a reception in honor of the winning writers Friday evening, and I drove to Savannah with my husband Doug.

At a quintessential Southern home on Victory Drive, we noshed on grapes, strawberries, cheeses, petit sandwiches, and chicken wings while our host, Christopher Scott, circulated with wine fill-ups. Even better than this setting was the company of the writers themselves. Most of the ones I met were transplanted Georgians who moved to Savannah either for careers or retirement. Christopher and his wife June Hopkins are typical. They’re well traveled, but she’s a New Yorker and he’s from Canterbury, England. The amazing thing is that, to a person, they were enthusiastic about the city. Makes you want to pack up and move south.

Doug and I stayed overnight at a hotel that was conspicuously historical on Bay Street with a view overlooking the river. After the reception we walked downstairs to the riverfront’s cobblestone street where restaurants and bars plied the passing pedestrians with posters, music, and mayhem. The temperate evening brought out families and children, as well as the beer crowd. It was noisy, but in a cheerful way. We sat at an outside table, ate ice cream, and watched the traffic. One of the river boats looked like a paddle-wheeler from bygone days, with many lights on the three terraces. A site from an antebellum fantasy.

My thanks to the Savannah writers for an enjoyable evening, for promoting writing with its contest, and for selecting my short story for recognition. They have a website which provides the list of all the winning manuscripts as well as information about the group:

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