Monday, December 30, 2013

Marion Aldridge


Last night I was up until 2:00 AM reading the blog I just discovered by a fellow writer whose discipline is much better than mine when it comes to writing. I was reading Marion Aldridge’s blog (, not only because it was engrossing but it provided an escape from the sadness of seeing the departure of family members who had come for Christmas.

Marion seems to have been gifted with what many of us writers work at—a distinct and engaging voice. After a night of “visiting” with him (and I felt as if we were having a visit), I’ve decided that a prerequisite to writing with voice is the assurance that you have something to say that will be of interest to a wider audience than your circle of friends.

But that’s only part of the picture. A voice such as Marion has comes from a confidence that he can say or do just about anything and be accepted if not appreciated by people in general. Or maybe it’s that he’s not concerned about being rejected. Where does that confidence come from? I don’t have it. Is that a gift we’re born with? I’ll have to ask Marion.

There are several obvious reason why Marion is an engaging journalist. 1) He’s enthusiastic about life in general; 2) he’s curious about and investigates our world; 3) he has a religious grounding that is neither judgmental nor overweening and; 4) has a way with words that is mannerly and thoughtful. 

Marion has helped me cope with the “empty nest” that follows a house full of guests. My sons and their families are back in their respective homes (Cincinnati; Rome, Georgia; and London, England). Another Christmas has come and gone. And I’m coping with the gone part.

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