Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iodine Journal Acceptance


Iodine Poetry Journal, based in Charlotte, NC, has accepted for publication “Master of the Leash,” a poem I wrote about a dog I once owned called Reddy. With something of a dachshund heritage, he had short legs, a sausage body, and red hair (a tipoff to his temperament).

Reddy was the cause of more than one clash with my husband, who attributed Reddy’s wet markers in the rug to my slacking off on walking the little beast. As if he knew he had the upper hand, Reddy would sneak to the basement and leave a territorial marker on the floor as soon as we came in from a walk. When it came to Reddy, there was little doubt in my mind about who was wearing the leash.

Iodine Poetry Journal is a semi-annual publication that appears in the spring and fall. In this age when a poetry journal has the staying power of a lightning flash, it’s quite a feat to publish continually for fifteen years, as this journal has. Editor Jonathan K. Rice collaborates with Main Street Rag Publishing to host monthly poetry readings in Charlotte, details on the website at http://www.iodinepoetryjournal.com

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