Monday, October 20, 2014

Publishing Delay


With my previous novels, the printing process was completed without a hitch. The turnaround at createspace, compared to traditional publishing, was at supersonic speed. I uploaded the manuscript files, reviewed and approved the proofs, and within days the books were listed on amazon. That's not to say I did all the preparation myself. For complex issues such as preparing files to specification for submission, I looked to Stanard Design Partners. 

I submitted the document for “WESTFALL, Slave to King Cotton” to createspace in September. Their computers reviewed the file and discovered a discrepancy. If a book is over 400 pages, the gutter (inside margin) differs from that for books of fewer pages. Stanard Design adjusted the document and I re-submitted it.

Because I had submitted the previous copy with an ISBN number, createspace refused the second submission with the same ISBN number. It took several emails before they realized it was the same book and accepted the ISBN.

I ordered a proof copy. You can review the book online, but I find that a computer screen is a poor substitute to a hard copy. When my proof arrived, there was a problem. The book doesn’t have the top margin specified in the manuscript file I submitted to createspace. Not only that, but the margin is off by more than 1/8 inch, which is the industry standard for variance.

When there’s a problem, you can go online and request a phone call, and within a minute your phone will ring. You may have to wait a bit, but I’ve never had to wait over a minute or two before I’m talking to a real person. It has taken numerous phone calls and e-messages to different customer service reps to explain the problem. At that, I’m still not sure they understand. I’ve sent photographs of the pages to them, at their request, and am awaiting their response.

I finished WESTFALL in June and had hoped it would be published by the end of summer. However, a few months here or there are nothing compared to the years some authors who go the traditional route to publishing have to wait.


Matt Skeens said...

Eagerly waiting for this new book! I'm working on another campaign in South Carolina and have been thinking about Westfall the whole time. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to swing by the Red Piano Too Art Gallery, where I bought Kedzie and got hooked, before I head home after the election!

Can't wait!

- Matt

WritePersona said...

Hi Matt,
I doubt if Red Piano Too has my latest book, Westfall, Slave to King Cotton. I'm still waiting for my own copies. I'll get in touch with them once I'm sure of availability. Thanks again for your support.