Monday, November 10, 2014

amazon in the news


I was disappointed to read a recent news account about regarding the departure of Ed Park. He was a hope that amazon could attract and publish distinctive books and compete with New York houses. The New York Times reported it as “the latest setback for Amazon’s publishing aspirations.” It was reported that Parks, who had the job of acquiring books, had difficulty attracting quality authors. I have to wonder about that. We all know what attracts quality (whether authors, shoes, or show tickets).

Recently amazon’s New York operations lost two more of its prominent executives, not good news. Taking over Park’s position is Tara Parsons from Harlequin MIRA. Does this mean amazon considers Harlequin upscale?

It would be wonderful if amazon hired a staff of professional editors and agents to read and categorize the books it already publishes—rate them, in other words. As it is now, amazon is a mega source with no quality guidelines. Shoppers who need a good read but don’t have a title in mind must plod through comments from other readers.

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