Friday, July 17, 2015

BlueInk Review Best Books of 2015

MASTER of Westfall Plantation makes BlueInk's Best Books list

My historical fiction novel, MASTER of Westfall Plantation, has made BlueInk Review's Best Books of 2015 list on Goodreads. BlueInk writes, "Our list is composed of our favorite titles—books that we hope will find an enthusiastic audience."

The competition is underway and I hope you'll vote for MASTER. Goodreads ranks books based on votes. Every vote is important to increase my book's ranking on the site. I hope you'll go to their web page here and cast your vote. MASTER of Westfall Plantation is number 29 on the list.

Update: As of July 18, MASTER has moved to number ONE! Many thanks to you voters!

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