Friday, July 31, 2015



While I was at Edisto Island on vacation with my family last week, we filmed a home movie starring four of my grandkids. My daughter-in-law handled the camera (my iPhone) as I directed, using a script I had written. 

I wrote a script specifically for our vacation. It is simple with lines that are easy for the kids to remember (targeted for ages six to fifteen). I planned it around our location (the beach) and with ready-wear costumes (swimsuits). It's comprised of five scenes, more or less, depending on what you consider a scene. 

It was great fun for me and I think the kids enjoyed it, though they did get a bit distracted by the time we finished up. 

I'll give away a limited number of free copies of the script. If you enjoy making home movies, this script gives you a framework for showing off the kids in the family. Enter your email address in the blank to the left ("Enter Your Email Address to Follow New Posts") and I'll mail you a copy.

Below is a scene from the movie. Background: the four kids found a bottle in the sand on the beach with a map inside and are following the clues on the map to find the X-spot.

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