Monday, August 10, 2015

Art Show


What a day of meeting visitors, artists, and other writers! I arrived early at 9:00 AM, before the door was unlocked. 

My table was installed by the entrance, and as the first to see visitors, I became the greeter with "Hello, welcome to Red Piano Too." As they trailed inside, most people were reluctant to stop the traffic at my display, but many wandered the rooms and returned to ask about my books.

 Featured artist Asher Robinson (below) sat on the side porch surrounded by paint and plywood (instead of canvas) and worked on paintings while chatting with visitors. As I watched, he finished a marlin and began another painting.

Artists James Denmark (below right) and Diane Britton Dunham (center) are well respected artists who have spent years refining their craft, working with oils and collages. Their focus, like most of the art at Red Piano Too, celebrates African American life and history.

Gail Reed (below left) has published a children's book, "I Can't Find My Manners," which is illustrated by Leonard Jones. She is chatting with David Bruce Grim, whose novel "Swift Currents" depicts the challenges slaves faced following emancipation.

Alfeda Robinson (below) makes sweetgrass baskets, one of our oldest art forms dating back to slaves from West Africa. She demonstrated the making of a basket by working throughout the show. 
 Mary Mack (below left) has been a longstanding promoter of African American art and artists. The reputation of her shop has drawn art patrons from north and south of St. Helena Island along the East Coast.

Mary Mack appreciates art in many forms, as evidenced by the inventory of Red Piano Too, things such as quilts, wood carvings, tin figures, unique dolls, furniture, greeting cards, glass, and jewelry.  

I'm happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of the show and to get to know talented artists as well as interesting art patrons. 

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