Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Prep for Red Piano Too


Yesterday at the Old Mill Antique Mall is West Columbia (SC), I looked for relics of bygone times, especially those of rural America. At Red Piano Too's Art Show Saturday (August 8), I'll have a table to display my four antebellum novels. Mementos add interest, and that was what I was after. Found this miniature wagon (below), actually labeled a railroad car.

I filled the wagon with copies of my novel MASTER of Westfall Plantation, which is on the list of Best Books of 2015 by goodreads/BlueInk. I plan to have this as part of my display.

I also bought a singletree, which is part of a harness used with draft horses (horses used to plow or pull loads). It equalizes the load for the horse so that one side doesn't produce more drag than the other. Though you can't see it well in the photo, there are two hooks on each end of the singletree where lines are attached to each side of a horse's collar. The hook in the center connects lines from the singletree to the plow (or other load). 

Maybe I'll have room on my table for the maul and butter mold I bought, examples of early tools made of wood. 
maul on left, butter mold on right
Or a hand scythe, an example of an implement forged in iron by blacksmiths and used to cut grain or grass. 
hand scythe
I'm looking forward to being on St. Helena Island with Mary Mack and Red Piano Too's artists.  If you're interested in the Gullah culture, it'll be in full array. Hope to see you there!

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