Monday, August 3, 2015


I'm slugging through another revision of my sequel to "Dust on the Bible." I thought it was polished and ready for my Editor (Steven Bauer), but after a week at the beach and away from the manuscript, I returned only to realize it's still wordy. I'm at the point of wondering if it will ever be finished (same point I've reached with every book). I'm trying not get totally sick of working on it. There will be more editing after Steven finishes with it. What I hope he doesn't suggest is something like a concept change.

You may have received one of my emails thanking those who voted and reminding others to vote for MASTER of Westfall, on the Goodreads/BlueInk list of Best Books of 2015. It's moved up the list from near the bottom to Number 3 (yeah!).

I'm thinking ahead to Saturday when I'll be at Red Piano Too's Art Show at St. Helena Island. Until my printer ran out of ink (new printer and have to order ink online, which I didn't realize), I was printing antebellum photos to display with my plantation novels Saturday. I hope to have a notebook of photos such as the ones below from the Library of Congress.

Tonight I'm going to Columbia II Writers Workshop. It meets the first and third Mondays of the month. It's a group of serious writers, many of them with published books.

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