Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SC state fair


At the SC State Fair, there's excitement not only in the rush of dazzling lights but in the teeming crowds coursing the midway, person after person with cotton candy or an elephant ear, or a corn dog. Screaming fills the air as kids take lightning rides. Families pass by pushing strollers, teenagers hold hands, retirees rest at picnic tables. My favorite ride is the skyline gondola that gives you a bird's eye view of the fun. I didn't take it this year...my husband was feeling too much acrophobia. The shooting gallery is a chance to make a donation to the good cause of the hard working barkers.

I enjoyed seeing the animals, though some of them looked cramped in their cages. 

 How many different breeds of rabbits are there anyway?

One of the buildings displayed fowl such as pigeons, ducks, and doves. About a dozen ducklings put on a show by sliding down a water slide and climbing back to the top without any help. It attracted a lot of attention. 

Doug and a dove.

I always enjoy the juried art show. This year, I thought there were more winning paintings that got no recognition than those that did. Below is one of my favorites from the show. 

On the down side, the Columbia Police Department caused a traffic jam by keeping cars out of the parking lot while it had numerous empty spaces. Anybody who was there and driving bumper-to-bumper around the lot about 7:00 PM Sunday will know what I mean when I say the "Lot Full" sign was kept out in error way too long.

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