Monday, November 23, 2015

Poem Accepted for Publicaton


Editor Michael Hathaway of Chiron Review has accepted my poem "Weather Forecast" for publication in an upcoming issue. He writes in an email that it will be used "as space is available and it fits our needs. We'll make every effort to fit your work into the spring 2016 issue." 

All of us, whatever our color, religion, country, or culture, experience the weather. Rain is rain in Africa and Asia and everywhere else. So with sunshine, clouds, fog, or snow. As we learn more about other places on the earth, we realize how much our lives depend on and adapt to weather. 

You know clouds. I know clouds.
"Weather Forecast" focuses on the wind. It's always been mysterious to me how the air becomes restless and starts moving around. The wind is a reminder that the earth is continuously rotating, even as we take our minute steps to the post office or grocery store. Even when we think we're being still, we're on an earth that's moving. 

My thanks to Editor Michael Hathaway for choosing "Weather Forecast" for publication.

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