Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Post Thanksgiving


Been sick since Thanksgiving with sore throat, headache, etc. But not as sick as my youngest grandson who has strep throat. My son Matt and his wife Noemi cooked a grand turkey, which was only part of a nice meal with several other guests, friends of theirs. I appreciated the chance to meet their friends and have resolved to try to introduce them to more of my friends.

It's always my treat to take my two grandsons to Barnes and Noble to pick out a favorite book, though I suspect they liked the cocoa and Christmas cookies more than shopping.

Son Matt, who's a historian, reminded me that Rome has a Civil War history. In an email, he noted: 
A recent find (for me) here in Rome:  the remains of Confederate trenches at Fort Norton, one of the three forts built to defend the city during the Civil War.  Apparently they were dug/built by slaves.  Rome was on the path of Sherman's march through Georgia, eventually known as the March to the Sea.  Union forces took it in 1864 as they moved southward to Atlanta.  Before they left, to continue the march to the sea, they destroyed the city's forts and much else, so as to not leave anything useful behind.
My two grandsons assisted Matt in exploring a Confederate trench, 
and though it might not look man-made, it is. 

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