Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Veronica's Wills

A Foray into Mystery

My short story "Veronica's Wills" will be published in Mystery Weekly Magazine's March Issue. Veronica has been around for quite a while, changing from revision to revision. Eventually she married and divorced so many times she became a character as well as a mystery. I hope it won't be a spoiler to say Veronica, along with her bling, dominates the story from her coffin. 

Jimmy Beaufort, one of her exes and a hard-boiled PI of the Chandler sort, wants nothing more than to forget her, and though he doesn't know it, he is by no means over her. In the opening paragraph, he gets dragged back into Veronica's life.
Jimmy Beaufort’s windshield wipers shave off water in perfect rhythm as he drives through the open gate to Veronica’s house. The tires of his rebuilt Monte Carlo pummel the stenciled concrete where glints spit into his headlights as if he's coasting through crushed glass. Veronica is just the sort of person to embed glitter in concrete.
Writing a mystery was an adventure for me. I hope readers will also find this story an adventure. My thanks to Mystery Weekly Magazine for publishing it.

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