Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Web Sites for Writers


Last night at the Columbia II Writers Workshop, I promised to send a list of web sites that may be helpful in finding magazines likely to publish our work. I’ve bookmarked the sites given here, and when I have time to make a submission, I go to them for guidance in selecting journals.

Most magazines today use an online submission service. You will see this option on the page where you make submissions. I have accounts at several (sign-in and password), but the one I see most often is Submittable  (http://www.submittable.com). Sometimes you may have to pay $2 to make a submission, but most of the time it’s free to the writer (the journals have to pay an annual fee).

At Submittable, I can go to my account and see how many submissions I’ve made through their app, to what magazines, and the responses. I’m probably the world’s worst for keeping track of what I’ve submitted, and this helps, except in cases when I’ve made submissions not using Submittable. There are many journals that require email submissions, or have their own online service, or use an alternative service such as Green Submissions or Tell It Slant. Rarely do I see a request for a mailed hard copy.

When making submissions, I return to the New Pages site most often. It allows you to refine by print/online as well as by genre.

New Pages also lists writing contests:

CLMP was created after a website (Foetry - no longer exists) listed literary magazines and contests that published the work of associates and fellow editors. Supposedly CLMP members promise to make objective choices about what to publish.

If you’re shooting for the stars, Every Writer rates literary magazines and publishes its choice of the top 50. It also has a long list, as well as a downloadable list of 2000 literary magazines.

And then there’s the list put together by the magazine Poets&Writers.

I mentioned Duotrope last night, but on going to their site, I discovered it no longer provides submission information unless you sign up and pay. Several months ago, I didn’t realize my subscription had lapsed and been renewed until I got a notice that I had been charged for it. There’s no pro-rata return if you forget and want to end the subscription. I’ve cancelled it for next year.

Hope Clark is a favorite with some of you. Here’s her list of contests.

I haven’t used the site below in a long time — I’m no longer looking for an agent — and so I assume it’s still a good place to go for information.

It’s hard to get published, but as we say in workshop, it’s even harder if you don’t make submissions.  
The road is weedy and hard to find, but we keep trying. 

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