Sunday, March 6, 2016

White Ash & Route 7


Do two lines make a poem? They make a couplet, but how many poems consist of one couplet? Poetry Soup publishes some. One I like is “Soulrays” by Molly Montgomery
Like rays from the sun
We are all just one.

White Ash Literary Magazine has recognized one of my two-line efforts (I’ve called them aphorisms) as a poem and will publish it in their upcoming issue. It’s about people with coats versus people with none. I’m pleased to be included in a magazine of this vision. This is their sixth anthology and will be available in the spring from Amazon.

It’s been a good week for my writing, for another poem was accepted by Route Seven Review . "Under the Influence" is scheduled for publication in their 2016 issue. The poem is about my computer habit of sitting in front of a screen for hours on end. Route Seven Review is an online journal available to the public at no cost. It’s produced by Dixie State University in Utah.

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