Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Just got an email from Editor Kerri Farrell Foley, to wit:
Congratulations! "Cicadas" has been selected for publication in Crack the Spine. Your work will appear in an upcoming online issue...
 "Cicadas" is a quick read, about 1000 words. It's something of a monologue by a self-centered teenager who sounds dense if not stupid until the last paragraph. She encounters a blitz of cicadas, gets thrown off track, and ends up with what might be a plan.

Cicadas stay underground for 13 years (or 17 in more northern climates) sucking sap from roots before emerging en mass. Thousands of them, as many as 40,000 from under one tree, can appear during a two week period causing quite a racket that some people call singing.
They live long enough for the females to lay about 600 eggs each. The eggs hatch in about seven weeks and then go underground for 13 years. We're not due for another visit from the little buggers until 2024.

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