Wednesday, June 8, 2016

family vacation


So last week I ended up at a beachhouse with a bunch of incorrigibles. I corralled them for a Stanard Film Studios production, which carried on in spite of spits and starts and not a little of too much sunshine. It was an effort to get them off the beach and into the movie.

In spite of competition from other activities such as bike riding, searches for sharks' teeth, ice cream forays, and swimming races, I brought home a winning movie about a queen (played by granddaughter number one) who was going to cut off the noses of her subjects until they tricked her into believing they were too stupid to bother with. 

Members of the cast were quality actors of the Stanard sort.

As the queen, Ava demanded noses.
Milla made the most of groaning lines.
Lola said "yes, your majesty" with authority.
Don't let Marlon's beard fool you. He was a clever bumpkin.
Frank took time from the scenes to cool off. Ivan threatened several times to get into the movie, but he'll have to wait until next year. 

Frank takes a break from playing a clever bumpkin.
Ivan will get in on the action next year.

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