Sunday, June 5, 2016

Interview by G.W. Pomichter


I’m on G.W. Pomichter’s schedule of the “Hangin’ With Web Show” for a Thursday interview this week. Hangin’ With is a YouTube show in which G.W. Pomichter, who is an author himself, interviews other authors and artists. Since he's in Florida and I'm in South Carolina, we'll do the show using Skype.

Obviously I want to promote the books I’ve written, even if a discussion of our antebellum history risks bringing up politically incorrect subjects. Also, I hope to get into some of the debate surrounding the writing of historical fiction. Whatever the subjects we discuss, I’ll be guided by the questions that are asked.

I don’t know the production schedule, so I can’t say when the interview will appear on YouTube but I hope you’ll watch for it. 

I returned home Saturday after a week out of town, and it seemed strange to drive to my new home in Lexington rather than Columbia where I lived for 16 years. I'll write another blog on what I did last week. Here's a photo I took.

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