Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Club


Last night I attended for the first time a meeting of the local book club. Author Carla Damron visited and talked about her novel, The Stone Necklace. Her presentation was enthusiastic and covered background about how she came to write the story. Her audience of about 15-20 persons was delighted and engaged in a lively discussion about the characters.

The fulcrum of book’s plot rests on the death of Mitchel Hastings, who has a heart attack followed by an auto accident in the first chapter. From there, Damron intertwines the stories of those characters impacted by the death. It touches on numerous contemporary themes, such as eating disorder, cancer recovery, homelessness, and families in decline. No surprises but well written.

I have to admit to some envy of the marketing that has supported The Stone Necklace. I know—books produced by traditional publishers (this book, by Univ. of South Carolina Press) fare much better than self-published books in this regard, but I don’t have to like it.

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