Saturday, July 9, 2016

writer conferences


These lazy summer days (100 degrees again today in SC) have me in a holding pattern with respect to my writing. I need inspiration, or at least encouragement, which is in short supply as I sit by myself in my office. The computer screen is a poor substitute for a conversation with another writer.

With that in mind, I’ve been checking out writer conferences. What other writers have to say, whether I agree or not, usually gives me something to think about. And when I hear about other publishing successes, it prods me to get focused and get to work.

There are several upcoming conferences within driving distance of my home in Lexington, South Carolina. Just the expectation of attending one, whether or not I actually attend, gives me a shot of creative adrenalin.

— The Florida Heritage Book Festival
Held September 15-17 at St. Augustine. According to its website the reading public attends as well as writers. Among the presentations are 20 author speakers and workshops for writers. It also offers a marketplace for authors to sell books. Registration for the two-day conference is $195.

— Hampton Roads Writers Conference
Held September 15-17 at Virginia Beach. It’s intended for writers, with workshops on the various genres as well as marketing and publishing. Cost to register is $290 until Sept. 9 when the price goes up.

—Tallahassee Writers Conference
At Florida State University, Saturday, September 24. Attendees will include, in addition to writers, two editors and two agents. Registration is $175 and includes a vendor table. I’m not sure a vendor table where the traffic is writers will be of any use in selling novels. Tallahassee is a long drive for me — about 6.5 hours.

—The Decatur Book Festival
In Georgia September 2-4 (Labor Day Weekend) features Cassandra King’s tribute to her late husband Pat Conroy. This would be interesting but I’m tied up with my husband’s dove shoot that weekend.

—The Chattahoochee Valley Writers Conference
Held Sept. 24 in Columbus, Georgia. Provides workshops on writing and publishing. Registration is $50 or $65 depending on when you register.

I found only one possible conference in October: the Florida Writers Conference at Altamonte Springs. However, the location is over 6.5 hours in the car, getting to be too far for me. ( Registration is $235 for Saturday only.

I took these listings from Jodie Renner’s website:

If you’re local (Lexington or Columbia, SC) and are interested in driving to one of these conferences with me, let me know with a comment.

We could use some clouds, not to mention rain...

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