Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cicadas Published


Kerri Farrell Foley of Crack the Spine literary magazine sent me a note to say my flash fiction story “Cicadas” is now live online in issue No. 201.

Cicadas are winged cousins of the cricket with a strange nonfiction story. They emerge from underground every 13-17 years. Each female lives long enough to deposit into the bark of a tree her eggs which will hatch as tiny ant-like young. They drop to the ground and burrow to the roots where they stay for 13 to 17 years. As many as 40,000 cicadas can emerge from beneath one tree. In my story, a young girl meets a mass of cicadas. 

If you read “Cicadas,” please leave a comment. According to Kerri, “...we will be selecting one author from this issue to be featured in our ‘Wordsmith’ interview series, based on readers' feedback as well as editorial preference.” 

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