Monday, October 31, 2016

family reunion


Sometimes I feel like my brain has shifted into a different gear -- times when I notice my sensory perceptions become stronger as intellect and imagination recede. When I travel, whether to a familiar or strange place, I notice sights and views, changes in temperature, the texture of a leafy ground or pebbly trail, colors, smells, the sounds. I may take a notebook, but I don't write anything. Don't have anything to say. I'm just looking, tasting, feeling...talking and listening.

I've just returned from a ten-day trip to Illinois and Ohio to visit relatives. It was gratifying to see people I've known a long time and love. We talked for hours and celebrated still liking one another despite differences of opinion. 

No tension, no story. 
No nefarious characters, no story. No violence. No mental cases. No liars, cheats, or criminals. I'm not saying there aren't problems in the family, but they were put aside for the family reunion. 

I'm home now, and what I have is a revived awareness of my relatives and friends living their unique lives. And maybe they're like me in that they believe they have a lifetime left to accomplish their next dream, like write another book. 

The Stanard family is wide spread—in South Carolina, Georgia, Cincinnati, Chicago, Arizona, Los Angeles, and London. I'm standing third from right.

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