Wednesday, January 4, 2017

post Christmas


I spent much of this morning reading Christmas cards that arrived and were held by the post office while I was gone. Opening the cards is like opening small presents. Most of them have beautiful pictures. I especially like snow scenes. 

Then there are the typed letters from friends that tell of their year and what they did in 2016. I love those...except for one from an acquaintance who travels the world every year and makes me feel like a homebody. I’m talking about a couple who in a single year might tour Greek ruins, visit Machu Picchu, raft the Colorado River, shop in Hong Kong, and take a road trip in Spain. (I’m not exaggerating...)

Many of my friends are good writers as well. That makes the letters even more enjoyable. They tell of what they’ve been doing without me (which makes me a bit sad). Most of them engage in intellectual pursuits, overcome health problems without a sniffle, and volunteer in their communities/churches. If you’re one of them, thanks for the letter and for remembering me at Christmas.

I left on December 21 for London and returned Monday night about 8:30 PM. I’ll spare you the horrors of travel but must mention that the computers at the Charlotte customs counters went down, which added about an hour to the time from Heathrow Airport.

IN LONDON Our son planned a holiday of not only visiting but festive outings to see a puppet show (not just for kids), a pantomime (not what you’re thinking, it’s music and comedy), symphony, and a rugby match (I took a pass on this one). Must add that I loved pub lunches and suppers as well, though Jason and Ellen are great cooks. My Ohio son and his family joined us, which was an extra special Christmas gift.

I’m back in Lexington and not a day too soon. Time to get back to a quiet house and fewer French fries...though I did have fruitcake and coffee while I read Christmas cards. 

With the family at the Jolly Pig Pub

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