Tuesday, May 23, 2017

aiken garden tour

What I’m Doing Instead of Writing

The Aiken Garden Tour last weekend put my yard into perspective, i.e. underdeveloped. There were gardens on the tour that could easily cost into five figures. Really, a hot tub, pool, grill, and outdoor television! Though there were many varieties of palms, I’m still skeptical about whether they’ll survive a Carolina winter. What I liked most were the hideaways, secluded areas of the yard, and there were many of those, the concept being to divide a yard into numerous “rooms” with thematic greenery. So nice! 
A secluded corner where I stopped to rest.
As for writing, this year so far has been one of distraction. Thank goodness for my writers workshop, which gives me a deadline to produce six pages of prose. Typically, I’ll squander my time until several days beforehand and at the last minute work feverishly to get something presentable.

Do I have what it takes to complete the 17th Century French story I’ve started? From the experience of having written six novels, I know the discipline and daily grind it takes. As important, if not more so, is devotion to the story. There are times when my devotion flags. 
My sister Nila with outdoor furniture that looks indoor.

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