Tuesday, June 13, 2017

author talk


Last night I attended a talk at Lexington’s Main library by Lisa Wingate, author of Before We Were Yours. There were so many attendees that chairs had to be added to the room. Wingate discussed the background for her latest novel, a disheartening episode in Tennessee’s history. In brief, it was a time when a profitable business stole children and sold them to wealthy childless couples (Joan Crawford, for example). The operation survived for years because of the owner’s connections with influential political figures. Parents whose children were stolen never knew what had happened to them.

I enjoy writers who talk about more than their writing method. In fact, I left before the Q&A, in part because the first question was something to the effect of “How do you go about writing?” Perhaps every writer has to answer this kind of question, but I’m more interested in the subject of a novel than in the author’s approach to it — unless the speaker is analyzing the work of a writer other than him/herself. 

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