Thursday, April 12, 2018

anthony marra


Since when are authors comedians? We were cackling out loud during Anthony Marra’s presentation at the Univ. of South Carolina yesterday evening. And his book is nothing to laugh about.

He was the guest of The Open Book series, there to talk about his novel, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. The title comes from a medical dictionary’s definition of the word life. His novel is about life in Chechnya, where a lot of human damage occurs.

When asked about where he writes, Marra said in a coffee shop, away from his house. On my way home, I convinced myself and my friend Carole that I’d be more productive by getting out of my house. However, I’d feel guilty taking up a table in a cafe for chunks of time. I’ve seen too many computers taking up good seats while I’ve had to squeeze into a corner.

Marra hit a home run with his first novel. Also with his USC audience. 

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