Thursday, August 2, 2018

Farming States 2018


In writing fiction with a farm as a setting, we don’t want to make a mistake like putting a pumpkin farmer in a state that doesn’t produce pumpkins. So, hoping to find such examples among the 10 products/states in the quiz (previous blog), I went online to research which states did not produce which of the crops listed in the quiz.

To my amazement, I could only find one example. Apparently North Dakota does not grow rice. Even desert states like New Mexico and Arizona are capable of producing maple syrup, peaches, rice, and other products (at least that’s the online story). Likewise with cold states such as Maine and Vermont.

We’ll be on solid ground writing about an egg farmer in Indiana, for that state produces more eggs than any other. Here are answers to the quiz:

1. State with the most egg production - Indiana
2. The most sheep and lambs - Wyoming
3. The most turkeys - Minnesota
3. The leading producer of honey – North Dakota
5. Of pumpkins - Illinois
6. Maple syrup - Vermont
7. Sweet Potatoes – North Carolina
8. Produces the most Christmas trees - Oregon
9. The most peaches - California
10. The most rice - Arkansas

As a footnote, when’s the last time you read a contemporary novel that takes place on a farm?


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