Wednesday, August 29, 2018

WriteOn SC

Another chance at the mic
Last Saturday I was a guest on the radio talk show WriteOn SC along with sci-fi author Rex Hurst. Host Kasie Whitener led our discussion about research and writing. It’s a topic especially germane to historical fiction.

I talked about how I research background information. The main resource I use is writings contemporaneous with the time of my manuscript, in particular diaries, biographies, and autobiographies. You can find titles from indexes of other books on the period.

When it comes to digging for the answer to a specific question (did toothbrushes exist in 1857?) I start with Wikipedia. A Google search is often helpful. And you can find online photos and art of your period with clues to fashion, architecture, and geography.

Though you wouldn’t know it from the paucity of literary events in South Carolina, the state has an enthusiastic community of writers. However, aside from college and religious bookstores, there’s only one bookstore in the city of Columbia — Barnes and Noble. The city of Lexington has one, Books-a-Million. West Columbia has Ed’s Editions, which specializes in collectible books.

That is to say, SC authors in the Columbia area with books to sell won’t find a friendly face at a local bookstore. If you’re already successful, i.e., a name-brand author, our libraries occasionally sponsor guest appearances. They’ve also organized book clubs, but I don’t know of any author who’s been invited to appear at one.

Kasie Whitener’s radio talk show WriteOn SC airs at 9:00 AM Saturday mornings on 100.7 FM The Point. It’s an opportunity for the community to meet and get to know local authors. Kasie is on the lookout for SC authors and publishers to participate in the programs. If you’re interested in being considered for a guest appearance, click on her blog.

Better still, if you’re willing to support the show as a donor, go to the Patreon website.

To inquire about placing an ad on her show, get in touch with her through her blog.

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