Thursday, January 3, 2019

published poem.American Journal of Poetry


My poem “In the Shade of Cherry Trees” is published online in the current issue of The American Journal Of Poetry. Unlike most of my poems, this one touches on life in Washington, DC. I try to avoid politics and social issues altogether, in part because I don’t like to read such poems. I have yet to read a good poem on social justice (or feminist angst, child abuse, gay rights, etc.). Having said that, several of my poems contradict my intention.

When you think about it, Emily Dickinson lived her adult life during the Civil War, a time of extreme political controversy, but you will be hard pressed to find a reference to the war or slavery in her poems. Somehow they stayed grounded but rose above everyday grappling.

When it comes down it, isn’t poetry more organic than social anyway?

My thanks to Editor Robert Nazarene and his staff for producing The American Journal Of Poetry and for publishing my poem. I’ve received encouraging comments and, of course, I’m delighted with the feedback. Here’s the link to this issue. Scroll down to my name and choose it.

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