Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 oscars

We had several friends over last night to watch the Oscars on TV. We chipped in an ante and awarded a pot of $$ to the person who accurately guessed the most winners. Doug won the pot.

We didn’t necessarily vote for our favorites. The point was to try to guess what winner Hollywood would pick. Though I haven’t seen all the nominees, I was happy to see Green Book win Best Picture (though A Star Is Born is almost as good). 

It’s inspiring to see that five books were made into Oscar winning movies. Five more books were made into movies that received nominations. Meg Wolitzer wrote the novel that became The Wife, one of my favorite movies of the year. I was conflicted about how to understand it. Seemingly the wife had been wronged, but had she?

Inspired by the Oscars, I’m going to see Vice with a couple of friends this week. Christian Bale, who plays Dick Chaney, looks nothing like himself in the previews. The actor, when a young boy, starred in a movie I’ve watched numerous times and still love, Empire of the Sun.

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