Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sumter Book Signing


On Thursday, February 7, Doug and I will be in Sumter, SC for a book signing. Betty Reese of the Elephant Ear Gallery will host “Meet the Authors Tea Party.” Come by and say “hello” and taste the cookies. The address is 672 Bultman Drive. Ph. 803-773-2268.

For several years I taught school at Alice Drive Middle School in Sumter. Had a wonderful principal and a terrible librarian. She once told me to be quiet while I was assigning student projects.

I lived in the back door rooms of an old antebellum mansion owned by a family slipping on a financial slope. The owner had a wonderful Southern brogue. The acreage around the house had been sold to a developer who had put ranch houses up to the lawn. I was young and in love with my independence—thought I was making a fortune on a teacher’s salary.

Connected with other teachers who lured me into a life of parties (I’m still grateful to them...). Partied every weekend with soldiers from Shaw Air Force Base. Met an Olivetti we whispered was related to the typewriter fortune. Great memories.

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