Sunday, April 28, 2019

Rice Festival


My tent was located between a booth with birdhouses and another with Mexican goods.
At the Colleton County Rice Festival, there was constant traffic throughout Friday and Saturday. I’m not good at judging attendance at events, but it may have reached the 30,000 estimated on Festival Net. From my seat under a tent, it was like watching a side show of people passing by.

Doug (left) is checking out bird houses.
Lots of strollers and kids. People who stopped at my tent were from Walterboro as well as the surrounding area, some from Charleston and Edisto. The locals had good things to say about the town. 

The food vendors were circled in a nearby town square, but Doug didn't find the food to his taste. I preferred the festival's attraction—Lowcountry rice, good and spicy with sausage. 

You may not recognize the Festival mascot, a kernel of rice, 
or at least I think that's what it's supposed to be

Walterboro's Main Street has the vacant look of so many small towns. Despite shady trees, well tended buildings, and awnings, too many empty storefronts stare into the street. There is a well-stocked antiques market, which I managed to visit a couple of times. Bought a painting that’s hanging on the wall of my office.

My new painting from Walterboro Antiques is at the upper right.
The photos are thanks to Doug Stanard (my husband and assistant).

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