Thursday, May 2, 2019

Town of Art

I'm with Nila in front of a Lake City wall of art.

My sister Nila and I spent a couple of days touring art venues at ArtFields in Lake City, SC. The town is literally innundated with works of art, paintings, sculptures, installation art, photography, illustrations. Art is on display in the barbershop, the mattress sales shop, restaurants, boutiques. I was in heaven!

Nila and one of her favorites.
To make the visit even more exciting, visitors can vote on their favorites. This year, I had 33 favorites. My sister had 37. I’m glad that ArtFields allows ordinary people to participate in choosing the art we like. Contemporary art as chosen by professionals (gallery owners and museum cureators) has put art a step removed from my sentiments, or at least I have no emotional investment in some prominent art that I see. 

I'm with textile art here


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