Tuesday, July 2, 2019

3 poems accepted for publication

HOW SWEET IT IS! Three Poems accepted for publication.


The magazine Down in the Dirt accepted two of my poems, “Computer Hacker and the Common Brain” and “Fairview Farmhouse,” for publication. The former is a cautionary approach to advances in technology. The latter is an emotional visit to not just one empty farmhouse, but a generation of them.

The two poems are currently published on the Scars Publications website on the “writing from scars publications” page. My name is listed with other authors in a column on the left of the page. Scroll down the list and choose my name. It will appear at the top of the column with titles of the poems. Select the title you’d like to read and the link will open to the page with the poem. The two poems will also appear in their March 2020 issue (v169). The link to the website takes you in confusing directions but this is what the authors' writings page looks like:

MOON magazine

My poem “The Payoff” has been accepted for publication by editor Leslee Goodman of the MOON magazine. It will appear in the September issue, which focuses on addiction. I’m not sure how this poem came to me. The narrator is an addict. Addiction is so much a part of our culture, I suppose I absorbed drugs without actually taking them. The current issue of MOON magazine is online at http://moonmagazine.org. Check back in September for my poem, "The Payoff."


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