Sunday, June 21, 2020

Writing Poetry


I’ll have three poems published in the Fall 2020 issue of Muddy River Review. Despite my intention to spend more time on prose, lately most of my efforts have been in writing poetry.

The limitations of our language are a source of my ongoing sense of frustration. I try to put into words my ideas that don’t have words. Poetry is the medium that allows me to question meanings, not just of words but of my experiences and concepts.

The older I get the more I realize my knowledge is very limited and not just because of words. In addition to the confines of intellect, lack of experiences has put me into a little box. This has become painfully apparent on many occasions, but especially recently as I’ve watched “The Silk Road” on Prime TV. I come away from every episode realizing what a tiny speck of the world I call my home.

I’ll post a reminder when the three poems will be published in Muddy River. “Uneasy Most of the Time” is about our life style and how it makes me feel. In “Yellow Pears” I wonder if I’ve made a good decision. “Clouds By Degree” is a reminder that bad moods are a part of being human.

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